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• Pumpkin, Blueberries, Banans, Carrots & Cranberry

​• Supports Digestion

​• Freezes Great

• Supports Urinary Tract

• Antioxidants

• Easy-Pour Lid

• USA-Made, BPA-FREE Lid & Bottle

​• No Preservatives

Our Story


Bow Wow Blends Power Fruit Smoothie was created for one of our Golden Retrievers with tummy troubles when she was 8. We were able to get her off prescription meds she was taking for her tummy. We decided if this would help her, why not make it available to others and BWB was born. 

Easy-Pour Lid


Bow Wow Blends power fruit smoothie is a dual purpose treat! With its easy-pour lid you can drizzle some over your pet's food to boost their meal and support their digestion and urinary tract at the same time. We love to make dog food art on their meals with a smiley face or heart, any fun design works!


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Thank you for visiting our page and hopefully you have gotten to try some Bow Wow Blends Power Fruit Smoothie on your dog's food or frozen some for a cool treat.  If not, please request some at your local pet food retailer. ​Please contact us with any questions or comments about our product. We love to hear from our customers. Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.


P.O. Box 1752, Fairacres, NM 88033 us